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Rate this post would like to introduce the sample essay Practice writing five-word poems about spring, helping students have more reference materials in the process of reviewing and consolidating their knowledge for the upcoming exam. We invite you to watch:

Collective work poetrywords about spring

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – sample 1

It’s cold and windy outside
New year is here
Oh, Spring is calling the door
Long and wide the flow of life
Flow again, river
Bring the shore along the wharf
Lazy into the sea
Bathing with immense
Behold the Winter dew
Glitter jade eyes
The wind howling again
Twist the sweet cold
Yellow chrysanthemum is crazy
Hong hong waiting for sunshine
The sound of the flute is heard by the clouds
Raise the immense sky
Peaches and apricots
Come on, wake up, wake up
Spring is here
The dry bark is budding…

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 2 . sample

Who holds the spring down
Let my hair float
My heart is still full of longing
Love seems like spring rain

Love like fifteen
Shirt with small waist
Pure silk shoulder
I dare not touch

Love like a long time ago
When my eyes open and close
Shimmering pink lips
Kiss like the first day

We broke into each other
Where is the time left?
Heaven and earth stopped breathing
Just us together

And… the morning dew is full
And… the grass is full of flowers
I stretched myself to drink quickly
Fragrant dew drops at the beginning of the day.

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 3 . sample

Suddenly drizzle and cold wind
The colder the plum blossom branch
The land is white with thousands of fallen petals
The sound of military chanting in the distant village

The drizzle and the cold wind
The more cold the plum blossom branch!
Love the color more and more
Fading silver through the color of rain

Oh! Little feet
Ever hurt!
Muddy evacuation road
Trembling, climbing the bamboo bridge
The sky is gray with rain,
The dreary color is back
Apricot flowers gradually bloom white

Spring is not wrong
Gray rain
Because where dreary!
Warm single blanket

The older you get, the more painful you are
How many white rims
Behind the scenes news
Star people stop thinking
The promised spring day

What do flowers and grass know?
A few cold springs
Spent winters

The drizzle and the cold wind
The colder the plum blossom branch
The more I miss it, the more I miss it
Long running roads

From the distant border
Wipe high and dim with the wind
Whose graves are wild
Describing in the cold rain
Silently visiting people
Homeland is far away
Visiting graves… some apricots

Tomorrow is spring again
From the beginning of the forest to the end of the sea
How many times have you crossed the ocean?
We are apart though
Let’s share a spring together
Sharing a century
With endless suffering

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – model 4

Baby wakes up very early
Follow her to the spring market
The village road is still sleeping
Hanging on the leaves and branches
There are so many people!
It’s nice to say hello
Burdens spread all over the way
Everywhere you go, human feet
Over there is sticky rice
With green dong leaves
Over here, all kinds of jams
With delicious fruit
Grandma bought a rooster
To worship at the beginning of the year
She chose the red couplet
Then look at the yellow apricot branch
Drunk baby looking at clothes
Every set is cute
Cute toys
Even more beautiful than usual
Around the market alley
The spring sun is full of branches
Listen to the excitement of Tet coming
From a load of green vegetables.
The spring market is so beautiful!
In the baby’s eyes glitter.

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Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 5 . sample

Sending spring love in the sun
For fragrant peach cheeks
Send my love to you
Up the bustling street

Birds through the stormy season
Remember the way back
How much more dream patcher
Not all loves

Even if a hundred cuts
Even though a thousand pain
Spring is ahead
Why wait until next spring?

Color the butterfly wings
Swirling around my feet
Calling thousands of flowers to bloom early
Fragrance on soft hair

The street looks like it just woke up
The new sky is pink
There is an early spring
My heart is frozen…

Composing philology, volume 2: Analyzing the symbolic meaning of the image of spring in the poem: Grape Spring

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – model 6

Growing in the middle of a green river
A purple flower
Oh larks
Sing that echoes the sky.
Drop by drop glitter
I put my hand inspiration
Spring of the man with the gun
Lu is full around the back
Spring people go to the field
Loc stretches to the fields
Everything is in a hurry
Everything is like a stir
The country of four thousand years
Hard work and hardship
The country is like a star
Just go ahead
I make the bird sing
I make a flower
We enter the harmony
A bass note flutters
A little spring
Quietly give life
Even in my twenties
Whether it’s the gray hair
Spring I would like to sing
Nam Ai, Nam Binh
Water is thousands of miles away
Water thousands of miles of love
The rhythm of the land of Hue.

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 7 . model

The trees are still green
Let spring come
Still warm the colors of the clouds
Let the rain soul dwell

Are you looking at peace yet?
Tiny buds and buds
The soul of the ancient land
Happy people reunite

Birds come back to build nests
Cherish the leaves
The sun is still pink with the grass
Painful blue memories

Holding in the hand of love
Sow for four seasons
The Quiet Traveler
Until spring welcomes

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 8 . model

Autumn has not come yet
Because winter drags on
I thaw the nostalgia
The boat is lost in the harbor

Winter is on its way
Summer with dew grass
Spring laughs badass
King’s Traveler’s Soul

Spring just ended
Handing over the burden
For the summer of separation
The song of repentance

Autumn is on the horizon
Not yet golden why leaves fall
Or whose soul is broken
Looks like my soul.

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Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 9 . model

There was an old spring
When the sun is shining golden
White clouds, blue sky
I’m back to visit my mother

Far away, far away people
Mother’s love lives in me
Love is great
Thousands of stars to avoid it
Mother’s spring for.

There was an old spring
When the golden tomorrow opens
Hundreds of colorful flowers
I sit next to my mother.

Spring has passed
Spotted silver hair
Wrinkles hide beauty
Thousands of flowers are comparable
Beauty for your life.

When I’m Lonely
Want to be close to mom
Listen to your mother
Listen to your mother’s advice
To hear my mother whisper
My soul has grown
But still children.
Craving cuddle arms
Like when I was a mother!

Spring does not fade
Spring is my life
Spring is mother’s life
When you smile, I know
Spring has come.

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 10 . sample

Heart can’t be touched
Although the autumn is lucky
Callous indifference
Although the summer sun is passionate

Finished eating through the meal
Let’s go to work to see you
No one else
There is something bitter

All of a sudden, my daughter
Excited that: Mom!
My flowers are in full bloom
Oh spring is here

White carnation flowers
Red fairy hair flower
Your eyes are so clear
And my cheeks are rosy

My heart trembled like a leaf
Look at my smiling eyes
Fresh spring umbrella
Fresh and vibrant

Poem "Green Spring" by Nguyen Binh - Dr.  Health Review

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – model 11

Spring I give you
Blooming thousands of flowers
Spring about that year
Into our love

Spring I give you
We say we love each other
It’s raining in Spring
Scent of areca flowers

Spring I give you
Spring sky is clear
Fresh spring sunshine spreads gently
Birds sing on the branches

Spring I give you
Let’s live together
Passionate love
Beautiful forever and ever

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 12 . model

Every time the peach blossoms bloom
It’s spring again
Old leaf stalks wither
Young green shoots sprouting

What has passed
What is aiming for?
Watching the sun walk through the steps
The hair turns the color of hoarfrost

Spring between the handle
It’s not just waiting
Flowers bloom every time
Ever repeat?

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – model 13

Swallow wings do subtraction
The weather is less cold
Birds do division
Joy follows the song
The rays of the sun do the multiplication
The sky is bright and wide
The flower garden does addition
The number of cities is spring

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – model 14

Spring is like a bird
Every morning like waking up
Birds sing in the garden

Spring is like poetry
Give each other feelings
My heart is forever distant

Spring is like a mother’s heart
Kindness and tolerance
Nurturing our souls

Spring is like a ship
Surfing fast on the blue sea
Go to the flower bank.

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 15 . model

Please give me spring
Just arrived on the branches
There’s a scent in the wind
The sound of birds singing in the sky
Spring has come to me
Want to open your arms to receive
Crimson rose petals
Bright pink sunshine.
Spring is everywhere
From the countryside on the street corner
People eagerly welcome
Spring is full of joy.
Immense blue sky
Thousand in the eyes
My love according to the song
Just landed on his shoulder.
I give you sweet
Of passionate love
Oh my love is so beautiful
He kept it in his heart.

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Top 20 Beautiful Poems About Spring -

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 16 . model

Where is the busy swallow going?
Come back to open the festival today
Floating like a guide
All spring comes together.

Grass grows green
Vegetables are luxuriant on the beach
Yellow orange tree adds fruit
Flowers bloom everywhere.

It’s raining dust
Kindergarten stands up
Swallows fluttering wings
Be happy and go again.

Birds, what do birds say?
When one year older?

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 17 . model

Spring sun falls on the porch
Capture the image on the chrysanthemum
Curled lips giggling
Sprinkling gold full of flowers

Spring sunshine comes to the house
Yellow beans on apricot branch
Whose hand is the wind thinking?
Startled to lose wings

The spring sun is shining red
Golden yellow with banh chung
Wake up to the scent of ginger jam
Cheeks taste spring wine

Spring sunshine at night
Disdain like a stranger
Stepping hesitantly
Stumbling into the dark

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 18 . model

Spring rain is breaking
Drop the glitter here
There are seeds in leaves
There are seeds that penetrate the ground.
Fear of falling pearls
Baby quickly raised his hand
Raindrops filled with rain
In the palm of your hand.
Full of succulent drops
Just full of my hands
Cherish your eyes
Shining someone’s figure…
But it’s really hard
Keep water in hand
So Baby is full
Sparkling with pearls.

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – model 19

Spring has come knocking on the door
But Hue rain keeps raining
The previous day’s golden sunshine
Know where to look now?

One more monsoon
More cold and cold
The leaves are shaking, the branches are freezing
As warm as ever…

Spring comes, Hue keeps raining
Swallows do not fly
Cold numb thin wings
Hiding the sparse arches…

Love the thin spring buds
Embrace every bit of sweetness
Incubate the heart of the earth
Waiting for the fresh green season

Love sad leaves, fallen leaves
Dreaming that the sun will shine tomorrow
For the buds and buds
In the middle of a gentle spring day…

Practice writing five-word poems about spring – 20 . model

East wind is like a blade
Blade made of cold
Where does the knife cut?
Then it’s cold to know

All trees spread their foliage
Windbreak and body cover
Tomorrow is so talented!
Bare body naked

Hey high branch, low branch
This is a small branch, a big branch
Every day and night hug
Green buds dating

Then a beautiful day!
Blooming golden buds
Paint more beautiful for life
For a brilliant spring.

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