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Rate this post would like to introduce to the teachers and students of grade 9 the sample essay The description of the work Instant water broke the shore 2023 SUPER HAYN, including 6 pages including detailed analysis outline, mind map and 2 best sample analysis essays to help students have more references in the process of reviewing, consolidating knowledge and preparing for the upcoming literary exam. We wish the students to study effectively and achieve the desired results.

Invite teachers and students to consult and download the details of the documents below:

Explanation of the work The water broke the shore

Explanation of the work The water broke the shore – sample 1

“Lights out” is a typical novel by Ngo Tat To, a typical story writer of Vietnamese literature before the August Revolution.

The work has 26 chapters, of which chapter XVIII is the chapter where the most basic conflict occurs between the peasants and the powerful men in the village. Through “The water broke the bank” (an excerpt from chapter XVIII), Ngo Tat To painted a picture of contemporary society, a rotten, brutal and disgusting society. tormenting the peasants to the end, which is expressed in “The water broke the bank” is the bossy, cruel ruler; the weak and barbaric rationalists are just like cunning rats. From the small material possessions of farmers to those who have strong energy, now they are only exhausted and exhausted, they still do not let go, still “tough as leeches” but act like leeches. Summer.

Also through a few short pages that are true and vivid of “The water broke, the bank”, Ngo Tat To harshly condemned and hated the cruel and barbarous feudal colonial society to for an end, the Rooster overthrew the ruler and his family; At the same time, the author also expressed a deep and sincere sympathy for the poor and tragic fate of the farmer, specifically Ms. Dau. Oh! Her warm and happy family was destroyed by that cruel tax policy. Her fate and future is as dark as the starless night sky of 30.

Not only harshly condemning the feudal colonial society, deeply sympathizing with the peasants, Ngo Tat To also upholds their noble dignity with potential traditional beauties: the quality of loving husband and children. Rooster’s earnestness, willing to sacrifice to protect her ailing husband; The noble quality “near the mud but not the smell of mud” is not greedy for her money and especially the latent vitality that has been cherished for a long time in the heart of the peasant woman who burned at the right time to save her husband. escape the clutches of the ruling wolves and the rulers. And finally, through “The water broke the bank”, Ngo Tat To was interested in a very urgent issue in contemporary life, which is the need to live peaceful days and enjoy happiness in a peaceful family home. farmer’s quirks. Artistic features in Ngo Tat To’s “The water pretends to be shore” really make us admire. The writer has built a typical character of the Rooster, who symbolizes all the peasant women with the noblest and most precious qualities of our species. And especially the writer has used very simple, everyday words that are vivid and true, making us feel like we are living in the midst of a contemporary unfair life to witness the opposites. And it is the ingenious combination of three modes: narrative, descriptive and expressive to highlight the basic conflict situation of the work between two opposing classes that has truly shown the outstanding novelist talent. by Ngo Tat To.

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“The water broke the shore” in particular and “Turn off the lights” in general will forever be a unique work in our country’s modern literature. It has had resounding successes and markedly influenced contemporary society. But there are still small limitations. But “The water pretends to be shore”, “Lights off” will always be a masterpiece for us to admire and remember Ngo Tat To – an excellent realist writer.

Seamless detailed idea

first. Opening:

Introducing the character of the Rooster in the excerpt “The water broke the bank”

For example:

The fates in the difficult life in the past have been recreated by the writers in a very honest and clear way. These images are shown very honestly, a way for them to sympathize with the difficult life of the farmers in the past. A work about the fate of miserable peasants is reproduced very realistically by writer Nguyen Tat To through the work Turning off the lights. An excerpt that most prominently shows the fate of the character of the Rooster is the excerpt Tuc water broke the bank.

2. Post body:

Thinking about the character of Sister Dau in Instant Water Breaks Banks

1. Rooster is a person who loves her husband very much:

She fanned the porridge to cool quickly so that the Rooster could eat it

She crept to bring porridge to her husband

Waiting for my husband to eat porridge is delicious

The rooster is a brave, considerate and loving person

2. The Rooster faces the henchmen

I was gentle at first, sorry

But after she became aggressive, she rose up, and the water broke

She protested with words, but she resisted with actions

I’m patient but I can’t

3. Think about the character of the Rooster in the excerpt “The water broke the bank”

Sister Dau is a caring person who loves her husband

You are a brave woman

Sister Dau is a good patient patient, but when the water broke, Rooster rose up against the henchmen

3. End:

Think about the character of the Rooster Sister in Instant Water Breaks

For example:

The rooster is a woman, representing the miserable fates in life at that time. She is a person who loves her husband and children, is talented and courageous.
Above is the most detailed and concise guide to making an outline of the topic “Thinking about the character of the Rooster in Instant Water Breaking Banks” for you. I hope that through the outline article, you have gained some references to make your writing better. Good luck with your studies.

Sister mind map

Mind map of the article Instant water breaking shore easy to remember, concise

Other sample essays

Explanation of the work The water broke the shore – sample 2

Ngo Tat To is an excellent realist writer with the novel “Lights out” – “a novel that completely serves the country, a piece of writing that can be called a masterpiece” (Vu Trong Phung, Times newspaper, 1939). ). One of the successful features of the work is to show the cruelty and barbarism of the rulers and the strong resistance of the peasants.

The excerpt “The water broke the bank” will partly clarify the success of the author’s pen.

First of all, it is necessary to know the location of this excerpt.

Ms. Dau had to bring her children and dogs to Nghi Que’s house to sell them for collection. Mr. Dau is still not spared because he still lacks the collection of Uncle Pig. When he fainted outside the communal house, the dignitaries brought his “corpse” home. Ms. Dau and the village rescued Mr. Dau from waking up. She borrowed rice to cook porridge. She wanted her husband to eat some porridge before thinking of hiding.

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The ruler and his family members who came to collect Mr. Dau’s house were described by the author as “slamming in with rattan whips, rulers and ropes”. They are fierce, majestic. Not only do they speak with words, they also carry rattan whips, rulers and ropes, tools for beating and binding.

The rule “slammed into”, he flaunted by “tapping the ground with his whip”. Accompanied by a scream: “That guy! He thought you died last night, still alive? Pay collectibles! Quickly”. Then “rolling his eyes back, he shouted”, then “his voice was still low” he threatened. One more step, he ordered the chief’s family to tie up Mr. Dau. When he was afraid to torture a seriously ill person, “Dammit, the ruler snatched the rope in his hand and rushed to the Rooster’s place”. The Rooster begged, but he beat her, slapped her and kept trying to jump at him and assault him.

It can be seen that the ruler is as aggressive as a rabid dog. He relied on authority, so he cursed, shouted, and addressed himself very rudely. He has no sympathy for those who have died and come back to life, who are still sick. He considers beating and tying people as pleasure… (remember that it was the ruler who forced him to tie up Rooster., beat Ti when he begged for his father, intending to “punish” the Dan, punching the Rooster. fell to the ground in chapter IV). Ruler is a cruel henchman, burying his conscience.

The chief of staff is a henchman in the countryside. You have no authority whatsoever. Even he is a poor person (Sister Dau once begged: “You are poor together, you can talk well to Mr. Li” – Chapter XVII). As a henchman for the rulers, he is also bossy and eunuch. When Mr. Dau “rolled out there, unable to say anything”, he was not moved by pity and was also sarcastic.

Another thing about the rule is that he is afraid of punishment, so he “does not dare to torture a seriously ill person”. And when the Rooster “falls off the steps”, he doesn’t “babble and scream to tie the couple’s poor collectors” like a teacher, but just “curses her while breathing and doesn’t dare to touch her body anymore” (verse) This leads to the work). The ruler is “cowardly” than the ruler, but just as evil as him. The henchman’s work made him evil, cruel.

The biggest concern of the Rooster is how to make her husband eat a little porridge to help reduce his stomachache. Because Mr. Dau had been “fasting since yesterday morning”, he was sick again, so he had to try to feed him. Before the shouting and shouting of the rulers and family members, Ms. Dau tried to hold back. She was “trembling”, she was “still trying hard” to present the situation. She humbly calls them “grandpa”, calling them “grandchildren”. She had to do this because she knew her identity, the difficult situation of her family… She just wanted them to be compassionate and forgive her husband, not to tie him up or torture him. But I can’t beg, I can’t stop, I can’t resist with words. The trustee is still aggressive. The ruler beat her (he had beaten her down before) and so on, he attacked the sick Rooster. At this point, the suffering and repression had reached the climax. So, she was forced to beat the ruler to save her husband. It can be seen that the course of action is very consistent with the psychological development of the Rooster: From begging to arguing with words, from resisting verbally to using force to resist. From modestly addressing “two grandpa” to “grandson”, “my family”, to “me” to “grandfather” (my husband is sick, he is not allowed to torture) and finally “you” and “grandmother” (You tie up her husband immediately, she will show you!).

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In the end, the two wrongdoers were “pushed and fell over” by Ms. Dau and “fallen off the stairs”.

A woman has such great power because it is the power of pent-up hatred and resentment. She had to sell dogs, sell her children at a very cheap price, and witnessed with her own eyes the humiliation when the children had to eat the dog’s leftovers. She had to make up for the lack of payment from the Nghi Que family, to plant samples of the field for free to ask for a “seal”… How much effort did it take to save her husband’s consciousness, but the ruler insisted on assaulting her.

The strength of the Rooster’s resistance also stems from the love of her husband and children. She did everything to save her husband. Love made her dare to take risks: “I would rather go to jail. Letting them make love and commit crimes like that, I can’t stand it.”

The ruler’s barbaric actions were the direct cause of the Rooster’s excessive endurance. Therefore, “the water broke the bank”. She rose up to fight for two henchmen a battle of a lifetime.

The writer expressed his sympathy and agreement with the family of Ms. Dau. Although he tried to be objective, he still did not hide his anger towards the ruler and his family. He called the ruler and his family members “he”. When the ruler was knocked over, he secretly gloated with the description: “he fell to the ground, still mumbling …”. The same goes for the name of the head of the family. It was not beautiful when he was described by him as “scratching up, he just breathed and cursed at the Rooster, not daring to touch her body anymore”.

The writer’s attitude is a benevolent, progressive attitude. He sided with the poor, agreed with them. As writer Nguyen Tuan commented, Ngo Tat To “incited the peasants to rebel”.

The excerpt shows the writer’s subtle observation and vivid description. “The part where Ms. Dau fights with the ruler is a clever passage, very true to the mentality of the country people” (Vu Ngoc Phan).

The writer has sharply described the buffalo-headed henchmen with the horse face. The same cruelty, the same lack of humanity, but the rulers and family members each have their own looks. The way each name fights with the Rooster is also different. Both were knocked down by the Rooster, but one of them tried to scream and tie, and the other was afraid to touch her body anymore.

The development and psychological changes of Ms. Dau are described reasonably and profoundly. Like a geyser of water getting fuller and fuller, when it reaches its climax, the water overflows and the shore breaks. The woman who used to patiently beg, scold, fight back, hit her bullies properly.

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