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Modern parents often focus on their child’s ability to learn math. Because a good study in math will help children build a solid foundation for the child’s brain development, more specifically, logical thinking. But how to teach first grade math at home most effectively, very few people know.

Through this article by KienGuru, parents will not only be disseminated knowledge about how to teach children how to learn math correctly, but also recognize the difficulties in learning math thinking of children, thereby giving the most appropriate educational methods.


Many parents are now concerned about whether they should let their children learn IQ before going to grade 1? The advice for parents in this regard is to let your child learn math IQ before entering 1st grade. The reason is because:

Golden period of learning

According to scientific studies, the age from 4 to 6 is the golden period for the acquisition of knowledge and learning. At this stage, children can absorb knowledge very quickly and remember for a long time, so it is very suitable for learning thinking math.

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Developing children’s thinking ability

Teaching IQ math for children preparing to enter 1st grade will help them enhance their thinking ability. When children are nurtured and trained early, it will create momentum for the development of outstanding thinking at the primary level because the children already have a foundation.

5-year-olds are often curious to discover new things

In the preschool age, young children will have a lot of curiosity and want to explore, so parents need to take advantage of this factor to familiarize their children with math. At this time, the baby will feel interested to get to know them and learn them effectively. Note, parents should apply problems from easy to difficult so that their children do not feel boring or difficult to learn.

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Increased visibility

Teaching children to learn math thinking early will help them increase their observation ability. Because through learning math, children will learn to observe more carefully everything related to math such as counting objects, calculating, etc., so the baby’s observation ability also increases from there.

Better brain training

Math is like a brain sport. If you teach your baby properly, it will help your baby’s brain develop better, creating a solid premise for higher learning.

Practice many skills for children

Teaching your child math before going to 1st grade is not only teaching numbers but also helps children develop many skills such as memorization, concentration, and problem solving quickly and effectively.

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Balancing the two hemispheres of the brain

When children learn math well, it means that their left brain will be stimulated to think better, the right brain will balance emotions to focus more when solving math.

Create a solid foundation in math

When they go to grade 1, they will not be afraid of knowledge gaps, keep up with the curriculum, love math because they have a solid foundation.

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Therefore, from the very beginning, when letting children get acquainted with Math, parents should find the right teaching method, suitable for the child’s ability to receive the above benefits.


With 1st grade math knowledge, it will not be too difficult for adults to teach children to learn. However, in fact, many parents are still worried because they have difficulty teaching their children because:

– No pedagogical aptitude.

– Math knowledge in grade 1 has many new things compared to the old curriculum.

Parents are busy and do not have time to accompany their children.

– Dress for the school

– There is no suitable teaching method for children’s ability

– Make your child want to play, not focus when studying.

To limit the above difficulties, parents need to have appropriate methods of teaching math for their children to prepare for grade 1. The following orientation steps will be very helpful for parents.

Steps to teach thinking math for 1st graders effectively at home

Here are the effective steps to teach children to learn math thinking in grade 1 that KienGuru suggests for parents:

Step 1: Get acquainted, understand the nature of numbers and basic addition and subtraction

The first step is also the most important step in the journey of teaching children to learn math. It’s about getting used to the numbers 0 to 10. Because no matter how good the method of teaching children to learn addition and subtraction, it is useless if the child does not understand the meaning of the word.

So, let your child learn and be exposed to numbers a lot in the early stages of learning math, by sticking numbers around the house, or regularly examining children with different exercises, such as:

– Question: “What number is this?” when pointing to any number.

Teach children how to create the number 2 by adding two 1s together.

In addition, alternate between teaching children to familiarize themselves with numbers, and simple addition and subtraction. This will help the child’s brain be more flexible, and not be bored when having to learn too many dry numbers.

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Step 2: Teach children to learn from ordinary counting to jumping counting

Teaching children to count numbers from 1 to 100 or even 1000 without tools will be a solid foundation for their future math work. Besides teaching your child to count in a sequence of numbers, you should also teach your child to count jumping.

For example, the jump count for unit 2 would be “0,2,4,6,8,10,…” or the jump count for unit 3 would be “0,3,9,12,..”. How to learn to count jumps like this, will support your child extremely well in thinking addition and subtraction calculations.

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Step 3: Use a calculation tool

In this step, parents will let children use calculation aids such as sticks or marbles to help children do larger addition and subtraction calculations. For example, you will give your child 3 routines, then 2 calculators, then 4 calculators, for example. This way your child will learn 3 + 2 + 4, then do the same for subtraction.

Step 4: Teach children through real-life examples

In order to train children’s thinking, it is really necessary to apply real examples in lessons for children. You can let your child learn math right on their favorite toy. For example, adding or subtracting the dolls in and out of the house, counting the number of toy cars, or putting the Lego pieces together and having the child count the number.

Step 5: Expose children to math learning software as soon as possible

After going through all 4 steps above, children also have somewhat figured out what math is, and how to calculate with them. At this time, children need to have another “boom” by letting them learn math on reputable educational software. At this time, children will be more exposed to difficult problems and new learning methods.

This helps to strengthen children’s thinking more effectively. At the same time, it helps children to absorb the knowledge in class in a better way.

There are also a few methods developed that are also very interesting and effective

Grade 1 children learn thinking math with counting method

This method is simply to help children familiarize themselves with numbers, order and recognize them. To help children practice thinking in this way, parents first need to read the sample to the children first, so that the children gradually get used to it and imitate it.

For example, when your child has just encountered something new, count the number of objects for him to hear and familiarize himself with. With new things, children will tend to focus on listening and exploring. Therefore, children will recognize faster. Or you can also count the number of family members, count the toys that the child likes.

Teaching 1st graders to watch the clock

Teaching children to watch the clock is a practical and simple way to help them train their memory and logical thinking. Parents should teach children to recognize the 12 digits on the clock face and the roles of the short and long hands. After that, often ask the child what time it is, ask him what he is doing… From there, parents will gradually form the habit of watching the clock and recognizing the time for the child. This is a simple and easy way for children to understand because they help them think logically according to their time frame.


Types of mental math for children entering grade 1

Some forms of thinking math for children entering grade 1 from basic to advanced you can refer to:

Mental math form counting numbers

This is the basic form when entering grade 1, any child can start easily, from easy to difficult in sequence.

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Comparative and sort thinking math

You can use illustrations to help children compare easily. After finishing learning to count this is the next step.

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Math form thinking addition, subtraction, combination

Next, teach your child how to add and subtract from the smallest numbers. This helps children familiarize themselves with math operations and start with larger numbers.

Mathematical form of statistics

This type of lesson will help children become familiar with synthesis, statistics, and arrangement. This exercise teaches children patience, hard work and care while learning math.

Math form of thinking to find rules

Finding the rules is a type of card that prioritizes the use of brain intelligence. However, because it is the beginning stage, we let children get acquainted at the most basic level and then upgrade over time.

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Math form thinking geometry, color

This is definitely the type of math that many children look forward to because pictures and geometry always attract children’s attention. Give your child time to learn more about them.

Mental math quizzes

Fun puzzles always bring curiosity and attraction for children to promote their creative role. You can use simple puzzles to stimulate your child’s brain.

Math form to distinguish high and low

Children will easily get used to this form of math because they can identify them quickly. Let children interact with them regularly so that children practice their ability to distinguish everything around them, not just math.

Math Requirements 1 Students Need to Master

► Natural number part

Students will learn content such as: counting, reading and writing numbers within 100, with the requirements to be able to count, read and write numbers within 10; within 20; within 100. Next is the content Compare numbers within 100, you need to know how to compare and order numbers within 100.

► Calculations

The second is about calculations with natural numbers such as addition, subtraction. For this content, students need to know the meaning of addition and subtraction, perform addition and subtraction (don’t remember) numbers within 100, practice calculation (first step) in case of There are two operations, addition and subtraction. Then, they will have access to mental calculation, they need to know addition and subtraction within 10 by using the addition and subtraction tables they have learned.

► Practical skills

And finally the ability to practice problem solving involving addition and subtraction operations. To be able to do this, they need to recognize the actual meaning of calculation (addition, subtraction) through pictures, drawings or real situations. At the same time, they can write calculations (addition, subtraction) that match the answers of word problems and calculate the correct results.


Above is a collection of information to help people understand how to teach 1st grade math to children. Hopefully these sharing will help parents choose the most effective and safe method of teaching their baby.

Teaching children to learn math thinking in grade 1 is not only based on classroom exercises or lectures, but parents need to have appropriate teaching methods and combine it with the most prestigious educational software. Good luck!

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